Why Minecraft Is So Popular

If you’re the guy who loves to play games on mobile then I’m pretty sure you heard about Minecraft or see their recommendations on the google app store or iTunes. In our today’s article, we let you know the full details of Minecraft. Why Minecraft is so popular, how does Minecraft make money, how to download Minecraft and play.

Lets start from beginning of minecraft

Minecraft is a game that is categorized in sandbox video gaming. The company Mojang is the creator of the Minecraft game. The game is created by Markus Persson and jens bergensten. The game is launching their game first on a java program. They are popular from the Symbian operating system which runs Nokia. They starting their journey in 2009. But they officially release their game in November 2011. In nowadays Minecraft is the most popular and best selling game in the world. They sold around 180 million copies worldwide.

Why Minecraft Is So Popular?

The developer of Minecraft makes the game so much attractive and challenging. People relate their selves with this game it also creates addiction in this game. Another way of increasing popularity is they make the game for every platform. You can play Minecraft on windows, OS X and also Linux.

Developers Of Minecraft

after our research about Minecraft, we found some different information from google and Wikipedia. According to Wikipedia the Minecraft have 3 developers or publishers whatever you comfort to say. And according to google there are 4 companies that develop Minecraft games. We list all of them and give you the source link so you can understand better.

According to wikipedia:

  • Mojang
  • Microsoft Studios
  • Sony Computer Entertainment

According to google:

  • Mojang
  • 4J Studios
  • Other Ocean Interactive
  • Xbox Game Studios

So we can say the main or the master developer is Mojang. As we told in our article first Mojang is the main developer of Minecraft game.

Minecraft Gameplay

In the Minecraft game there are 5 gameplay modes are available. And one is sub category under a mode. We listed the modes and describe all the pieces of information.

  • Survival mode
  • Creative mode
  • Adventure mode
  • Spectator mode
  • Multiplayer

And Minecraft realms.

The minecraft realms are under the gameplay of multiplayer.

Minecraft survival mode

in this mode, players need to gather resources, as like wood, stone to make the craft block items. Monsters are spawned your outside area in dark. The player needs to build a shelter at night to save his life. In this mode, you’ll get an option health bar. Which is the main part of this game in this mode? The health bar indicates your straightness in the game, which you can lose on fighting with a monster, lava and so on.

Minecraft creative mode

The interesting fact about this mode is you can create your project without any disturbances. At any size. You’ll get access to collect all the resources and inventory menu. You can place or remove any resources instantly and easily. You can freely fly around the world at the game. Also, your characters don’t take any damages and affected by hunger.

Minecraft spectator mode

You can watch the gameplay directly without any interaction in this mode. You can fly through blocks. In this mode, you don’t have an inventory. You can teleport to other players n view from the perspective or any creator or player. But the only problem of this mode is – you can’t access this mode without Java or PC edition.

Minecraft adventure mode

The biggest advantage of this mode is – you can create your own maps and adventures yourself. This adventure mode is specially designed for those players who love to play the game in their style. This mode is quite similar to survival mode but not exactly. You have some restrictions on the map.

Minecraft Multiplayer mode

You can play this mode through LAN play, Game-to-Game, local split-screen, and also on XBOX. The Minecraft realms are under this multiplayer category. So you’ll get a lot more features in the gameplay mode.

how does minecraft make money

Minecraft is one of the highest-selling apps in the world. Especially in the arcade game category. They sold around 180 million copies of the app. The Minecraft app price is $6.99 on the apple app store. And $6.49 on google app store. Now let’s calculate how much they earn from starting to now on an average amount we set the amount on $4 so let’s see what’s the result is – 180000000*4 = $720,000,000! Wow! The amount is really surprising! This is only from app stores, they also earn money from selling their in-app purchase, elements as wood, weapons, troops and many more. If you ask me how much they earn every month then I can say they do on average $10,0,000. It’s estimated not exactly. This amount is estimated and thought. Don’t compare it with reality.

how to download minecraft

now let’s talk about how to download Minecraft. Minecraft is not free, some free mods are available but this game is online based game and it’s hard to hack or break the game. If you search on google “Minecraft free download” you can get many videos and many articles about it, but the true fact is it’s really hard to break their system especially this kind of giant company has strong developers to protect their systems. So, it’s quite impossible to break their systems. If you really want to play the game then it’s good to buy the game from the app store or google play store.


how to get Minecraft for free – if you ask me then I told you it’s not possible. It’s better to buy the game and play smoothly. We didn’t recommend you to play or run any apps by breaking their system. If you’re interested to know more app information then you can visit our app category. That’s all for today. If you’re like this post then please share it with your social media. Thanks for your time! and if you’re also interested to know broad details about the world-famous opera browser? Then check out this article opera mini apk browser!

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