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Supercell – sounds common? If yes, then I can be guaranteed you’re playing their games. Maybe Clash of Clans, Clash Royals, Boom Beach, Hey Day or newborn Brawl Stars. They are a very reputed and big game developer company worldwide.

Supercell is located in Finland. They have very popular games as –

  • Clash of Clans
  • Clash Royals
  • Boom Beach
  • Hey Day
  • Brawl Stars

Each game has massive success in their own field. Let’s see how many downloads those games in the Google Play Store and Apple’s iTunes App Store.

Clash of Clans

The game is launched internationally, 2nd August in 2012. It’s a freemium strategy game that releases on the app store for 2nd august 2012 and on google play store 7th October 2013.

This app is downloaded more then 500,000,000+ in google app store with 50,665,705 reviews.

And in the iTunes app store, this game is Top number 5 game in the strategy category. The download is more than approximately 400,000,000+ with a rating of 1,00,00,000+.

Clash Royals

Now let’s move on another giant of supercell – Clash Royals. This game got an instant response from people. Within 3 years of release, this game is more than 100,000,000+ downloads in the google app store. And No. 7th position on the app store on the strategy game category. With more then (approximately ) 200,000,000+. This game is not a landscape game. This is the first vertical display game from Supercell, because of that this is a more popular game on iPhone users. This game is launched in 2016.

Boom Beach

Boom Beach doesn’t have any official website! In google play store this game has 50,000,000+ downloads with more than 5,874,626 user reviews. This game is also the top 7 in the strategy segment on google play store. In the Apple app store, this game has 40,000,000+ downloads with  175.2K Ratings. This game is launched on 11th November 2013.

Hey Day

Like boom beach, this game also doesn’t have any separate website. This game is launched on 21st June 2012. After releasing this game developer launched the clash of clans game. This app has more than 100,000,000+ with a review of 11,052,038 users. And app store data is approximately 100,000,000+ with the review of 225.8K Ratings. The interesting fact of this game is, this game is top 3rd on google play store in the casual category and top 23rd in the family category in app store. Actually both are pretty the same category!

Brawl Stars

This is a newborn game of supercell. Brawl Stars are released on 15Th June 2017. Within these two years, this game gets a good response from people. This game has 100,000,000+ downloads on google play store with 7,631,424 reviews. And approximately 120,000,000+ downloads on the app store with more than 498.3K Ratings. The game is No. 7th position on google play store in action category and No. 54 in-app store.

Rush Wars

Rush wars is a new game from supercell. This game is not launched yet. And the supercell company doesn’t share more information about this game. Whatever, we’ll update you when the game is launched internationally. We hope this game will also rock the gamers!

Hello, crazy fans of the clash of clans. The last update of the clash of clans is town hall 12. I’m playing the game for more than six to seven years. By the way, in this time period, I don’t play the game continuously every day.

It’s kind of addictive. Once you start playing and understand the moves, then I beet you, you can’t leave this game. This is very addictive. Now I’m in town hall 11. Not max exactly but 50% max.

Let’s talk about town hall 11:

Town Hall 11

When I start playing clash of clans there are 10 levels of the town hall. But after playing some of the years they update the level of the town hall. Townhall 11. In this level, they improve some massive things, like new troops, defense, wall upgrades, spells and a lot more.

Also, you upgrade your laboratory to upgrade troops like barbarian, giant, archer, loon, wizard, bowler, spells almost every troop. Now my barbarian, archer, gobline, and some spells are maxed. And some need to update in town hall 12.

Town Hall 12

As I already mentioned, I’m in tow hall 11 so I don’t have real experience with town hall 12. But after researching on YouTube and other resources online I got there is nothing new in town hall 12. Nothing means, not that much. Some existing troops and ½ things which are new in town hall 12. But you have to update almost, all kinds of defense in town hall 12.

Town Hall 13

The upcoming 2020 is the clash of clans celebrating their 8th year of the journey. They release their new town hall 13. This town hall has an inferno tower inside. And you have to update it 5 times as you do town hall 12. And also some big changes are coming here. Let’s see what actually clash of clans does in this 2020.


In this article, we discussed almost all about supercell and clash of clans also. We talked about other games of supercell. We hope our article will give you value in your supercell gaming life! If yes, then please share our article on your favorite social media. You can also check our article Royal Revolt 2

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