Technology In Your Garden

It doesn’t matter you like it or not, we are heavily surrounded by technology. Our life has become more convenient by various technological instruments. There is no place that technology has not step in. You can see various technological employments even in gardening sector. It turns out blessings for us because using this technology gardening has become a lot easier for us. We constantly getting huge benefits from this.

So, today we will know about the importance of technology in your garden.  Get used to it if you never heard this kind of stuff before. You will notice more about this after you read this guide.

Importance of design:

There are tons of mobile apps and web-based programs that practically manage all garden gadgets. As well as the design of landscape, installation and maintenance can also be handled by technology. Garden gadgets and gardening technology are growing too. Keep reading to learn further. Garden Gadgets and equipment for Luddites who prefer the silence and hands-on gardening, this could sound like a nightmare to them. But the use of technological devices in the farming and gardening sector is saving many people’s lots of time, money and hassle. The technology used in landscape design is a dream come true for those people who work in the fields. Simply think about how much time you can save by using technology like computer-assisted designs, such as auto CAD software. By this way, you will have in your hand, drawings that are clear, colorful and great communicative designs. While creating your design you can re-draw and make corrections regarding conceptual changes in no time.

Making Our Gardening easy:

Now I will illustrate some useful devices that can help us in our gardening as a personal assistant. Existing end-user devices, like the Edyn Smart Gardening System and Parrot Flower Power, these make gardening a lot easier. Menial tasks can be done automatically and take no headache to remember when, how, and how much water, fertilizer, and sunlight to provide your garden plants. You can create your own smart garden by adding some basic electronic ingredients in your gardens like Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and software services. The benefit of a smart garden is; it can take care of its own needs. For instance, your garden can read the situation of today’s weather in your area from the internet and then adjust itself based on temperature, moisture, ambient, and humidity. This cool trick work by checking these levels from the soil. You could use a robot or a drone to recognize and harvest ripe fruits.

Sweeping the leaves from your backyard:

Now it’s possible to sweep away the leaves from your backyard with the help of a drone. This can relieve you from having back breaking pain. Not everyone can think of something like this.

Choose the gadgets:

People who are hesitating but love gardening, they have few confusions in their mind, how will they manage their time. Lack of space and time for the outdoor garden also makes them go backward. If you don’t own enough land property for outdoor gardening, you can go for indoor gardening since it doesn’t require much space. Here’s where gardening technology can support you. You don’t need complex hydroponic setups or industrial shelves for gardening. Those industrial complex setups are the clever tool but those are also highly expensive. Just buy some basic self-contained units for the garden-scant property. Those affordable gadgets will also serve your needs well

Must have technological tools for your garden:

To make your gardening life like a piece of cake, you have to do planning for that. If you don’t wanna do it yourself and don’t mind using an app, it can help you with your planning. There is a free app that can make your planning even better. The app is called Bonnie Plants. It allows you to enlist growing plants in your garden. There are a few more tasks that it can perform like taking photos, notes, setting reminders for scheduled watering and fertilizing. The app can also provide suggestions about companion planting. Moreover, it can show you how much a plant can tolerate shade or sunlight. It’s only available for iPhone users now. The Android version may not have released yet.

Calculation app for Mulch and Top Soil:

Once you start planning to make a new garden bed or a gardening project, you might face a question asking how much topsoil and mulch are needed. You can solve this question very easily just using the Mulch and Top Soil Calculator app. Simply enter the desired measurement of your space. This app will quickly show you the accurate result. This way you can determine how much you need.

When to Plant:

If you are new at gardening and don’t know when to plant? There is an app for that, this will tell you when to plant your tomatoes, lettuce, onions, cucumbers and other veggies. The best thing is that this tool provides lots of info about growing from their online library. The app doesn’t come free this time. It may cost you a few bucks. It’s called Mother Earth News. You can download both the Android and iOS version.

Problem Solver for Pest, Plant, and Weed.

If you have problems with pest related. You will find plenty of apps that comes with a solution for pest’s problem. Pest like grubs, slugs, Japanese beetles, hornworms is common enemy of garden plants. In those apps, you will get lots of other pest name and their treatment. Weeds can take over your garden and if you’re facing this issue. Technology can also help you with that. You will get the best solution if you use the technology. All you need to is select the problem, the size of the area then you should get the best solution. For best result, you can even filter it out to a particular flower or plant.

Greener Lawn:

Are you fond of greener lawn? Then you might like this app called My Lawn app. This app works by using mapping technology and helps you understand which lawn size can give you the best usage of your space. This app can show you what amount of grass seed and fertilizer you will need. It can also remind you when you should water your lawn. There are other tons of app about having a greener lawn. You can pick what you like. I hope you will appreciate my thoughts on technology in your garden by sharing this post.

Technology In Your Garden
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