Royal Revolt 2: The Best Strategy Game Ever

If you’re a game freak, then I hope you know about Royal Revolt series. In this article, we’re sharing the history of Royal Revolt and also flaregames who develop this game.

Let’s know about flaregames first.


The flaregames was founded in 2011. Flaregames is located in Germany. The name of the CEO is Todd English. In real he joins in this company as a head of the studio in 2017. Todd English is also worked on senior management roles in PopCap Games, EA Games, Game Duell and also studio 49. We can say definitely he is a world-class developer and he has to ability to create something new with good and proper management.  


Kleenflare is the team who work for royal revolt. The company Flaregames have two studios.

  1. Keenflare
  2. Kopla Games

Keenflare especially worked for only royal revolt. From the last six-year. In this long journey, they face lots of problems. In the first launch of this game “Royal Revolt 1,” there are having so many bugs and users publish a negative review for them. But after some days, they overcome this problem and now, they are a hugely popular game in play store. More than one million people download this game.

Kopla Games

Kopla Games is another studio of flaregames. They work for other games. This studio is located in Tampere, Finland. They jointly work with flaregames. Together they create lots of popular games like Nonstop Knight 2, Warhammer Combat Cards and many more. The team of kopla games is really intelligent.

Now jump on the Royal Revolt 1

Royal Revolt 1

Royal Revolt 1

Royal Revolt is the first action game from flaregame under Keenflare. This game gave 4.6 Starts out of 5 in google play store in a total of review number 119,991. And in the app store is 4.5 stars out of 5 stars based on more than 1.4k ratings. In google play store this app is downloaded more than one million. And in the app store more than 1500 downloads. The performance in the apple app store is not too good but still good than nothing.

Royal Revolt 2

Royal Revolt 2

After the huge success of Royal Revolt 1, the company decides to release a second version of this game and they did that! After 1/2 years the developer Keenflare release their second game Royal Revolt 2 in google play store and apple app store.

In this season they got a massive success which makes the flaregame one step higher.

They got a total of 10 million downloads in google play store and more than 6.2k download on the app store.

The rating on this game on play store is 4.6 stars out of 5 stars on based more than 701000 reviews which is a massive amount.

And in the apple app store, 4.7 stars out of 5 stars on based more than 6.2k ratings.

What is Royal Revolt 2 Tower Defense

The royal revolt 2 is an action-packed strategy game. You can attack your enemy and your enemy also can attack you. for protecting your home you have to make strong your defense. If you can’t make strong your royal revolt 2 tower defense, then your enemy will lose you easily. You need points to improve your tower you can purchase credit from play store or app store or play harder to make your village safe.

Royal Revolt 2 Hack

Many people are looking for hack royal revolt 2 but it’s not possible. They have strong security that insure to protect your game data, points, purchases and etc. it’s not possible anymore. People are still looking for how to Royal Revolt 2 Hack. But they don’t have an idea about online games. In online games the developers have access and they have the ability to check everything to keep safe your data. And all of your data will be stored in their services. That can impossible to hack. If you are that person who looking for the way on how to hack royal revolt 2 then I told you one thing. – you just waist your time!

Royal Revolt 2 Forum

It’s really a hard game to achieve the goal. That’s why you need the support of an expert. So, where you get the expert? That’s why the developer of this game create a forum where you can thread your problem, post your solution and many things. By using the forum, you can directly find your solution on the section. There have so many sections related to the game so it’s easy to find the solution of your desired question. And if you still not getting your answer after checking all the section of the forum then post a thread. Many experts are waiting to give you solutions. Also, the benefits of using this forum are, you can directly connect with the developer and give him your feedback.

Royal Revolt 2 Mod Apk

Especially apk is used for those apps which are premium on google play store or app store. But if you get the app free so you don’t need to go with APK. Some sites are stored virus with the file so it’s risky for your data and also the phone. So, when you get it free so why you need apk. Ignore it.


In this article, we talk about the history of Royal Revolt series. And also answered some questions that people search on the search engine. So, we hope if you read this full article then you don’t have any questions about Royal Revolt. So, let’s download now and enjoy your time!

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