How To Optimize Your Image For Image SEO! Tricks That Really Works

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is as much easy as you think. But actually it’s not. If you rank your website in 1st position of any search engine then you have to follow lots of on-page tactics that search engines love. So the question is what search engine loves? The simple answer to this question is – every little and bigger changes that help search engines to understand your intent.

Let’s learn a simple brief about SEO – On-page and off-page!

What is On-Page SEO

If I told you the answer technically then there are lots of work included in this section. But if I make the answer shorter than on-page SEO is a part where you can do customize or edit yourself. Like sitemap indexing, website structure settlement, designing and every task that in your hand is called On-page SEO.

What is Off-Page SEO

The answer is not as easy as on-page, it’s a little complicated. If you want to do off-page SEO of your site, then you have to follow each and everything that search engine loves. As like, good site structure, well and responsive design, easy coding, high profile links, quality backlinks and much more are working together in off-page SEO. If you need to do off-page SEO yourself then you have to do lots of researches. And after all, if you really can’t do it or don’t have time to do it then assign it to any specialist.

Important Element Of A Website

There are lots of important elements that are included in a website. But we can be told boldly, the article is the biggest and most important part of a website. If your article is not good looking and not well optimized then it’s harder to rank on the search engine. Nowadays search engine is much smarter than before. They can measure the quality of your article and rank them stepwise.

How To Decorate An Article Properly

If you want to make your article best then others, then you have to post rich content. Now the question is what is rich content and what we need to make the content richer than others?

The easy answer to this question is – every element that makes your article easy to understand and reliable to the reader. If the reader finds all the important data on a single article then they don’t move to another website and spend lots of time in your article.

So, what we need to make an article easier?

You can add video, it can be your personal recorder video, YouTube video and other videos that will describe the same thing which you want to share in your article for your readers.

Add High-quality images. High-quality images take lots of space in your hosting. It also makes your page speed slower, so what you can do in this situation?

Let’s talk about our main segment of this article!

Using high-resolution pictures as 1080×720 is taking more than 1MB, which is bad for page speed. And it’s hard to rank better with a slow page speed site.

So what can we do?

You can compress your image in image compressor sites, as, compressjpeg and many other sites they compress images. This can help you to lose image size without cutting the image quality.

Now let’s talk about some advance.

Google or other search engines are not able to understand your picture. So how they show us a proper image? They collect the data from image property. So if you optimize your image property, then it’ll help search engine to understand that what is your image about. Edit every detail like, image name, subject, tags, stars, image author, image taken date and every possible thing which you can change. And when you do this, the search engine easily understands what is your image about and what the subject of your image.

If you have done every possible thing, then definitely you’ll see the result.


At the end of this article I can tell you if you do my process exactly then I hope your image will rank faster than before. So change every detail which is possible to change, then see the magic! Some other day we discuss something different tricks of SEO which is actually working!

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