FAU-G Game Release Date In India

Fearless And United – Guards aka Fau-G is a very well known game in the world PC game industry. The game is very addictive; when I start playing, I didn’t understand how to play faug, but slowly, slowly, I capture the whole thing in my mind, and now I can say I’m a middle expert on playing faug.

Fearless and United – Guards, it sounds uncommon to you, right? Many people play the game but don’t know the meaning of faug. It’s like PUBG – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

There are so many PC games that are shifted to the mobile platform as PUBG, Garena Free Fire. (what is Gerena Free Fire? – It’s the full name of the Free Fire game; I’ll make a different content on that.) Call of duty (COD), and also don’t forget the legendary GTA – Grand Theft Auto (vice city).

And now, after seeing the great response of those games on mobile platforms now, faug decide to come into this industry. There are a lot of people who played these kinds of heavy games on mobile.

In some cases, people buy a phone for only playing games. And many mobile manufacturers company create mobiles for gaming specifically. There is some specific company who make mobile for gaming. Those are Asus and Xiaomi. Let’s introduce those gaming mobile series in short.

Asus Republic Of Gamers Phone (ROG)

Asus is a great giant company in the laptop and desktop manufacturing industry. They recently come to mobile phone manufacturing. And they perform very well. Asus releases a total of two series in the mobile category. They are:

  • Asus Zenfone
  • Asus ROG phone

There are so many devices in the zenfone category, and also some great phones in the ROG series.

Also, Asus release a gaming laptop in this ROG series. There are all models of the Asus ROG series.

  • ROG Phone
  • ROG Phone I
  • ROG Phone II
  • ROG Phone III
  • ROG Phone III Strix Edition

Total 5 mobile released on the ROG series. And Strix Edition is a limited edition with the same specification as ROG Phone III.

Now let’s move on the Xiaomi’s Black Shark gaming series.

Xiaomi Black Shark Phone

Xiaomi is another giant in the mobile industry after Samsung and iPhone. They also make IoT (Internet of things) products. Every year Xiaomi releases a lot of phones in the market. They release a gaming mobile in the last couples of the year. In the branding of Black Shark. (If you’re a regular MIUI user then you can check this out – MIUI)

The models are:

  • Black Shark 1
  • Black Shark 2
  • Black Shark 2 Pro
  • Black Shark 3
  • Black Shark 3 Pro

Those are some best gaming smartphones in the market now; If you’re a hardcore gamer, then those phones are for you.

Now come to our main topic.

Faug already managed all of their things and ready to release their game on the android and iOS platforms. And they also announced they release the game on the play store on January 26, 2021.

On the republic day of India. The developer of FAU-G India, which nCore games, as well as Vishal Gondal, confirmed it.


If you’re a gamer and want to add new games to your list, then FAU-G is another best game for you. Definitely check this out when it’s release. And If you’re planning to buy a gaming phone and didn’t understand which one you can go to, then check our list and buy anyone!

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