Big Brand Social Media Strategies for Small Businesses

As an owner of the small business, you sometimes feel jealous of the big brand and want as successful as they are and their customer loyalty also inspires you.

You also want to get success same as they get. But unfortunately for the small business owner, it is difficult as well as they do not have the large amount to spent in the social media campaign and marketing.

Good news is for those who run a small business or a private limited firm. Just required to implement these strategies in your business for the effective social media campaign.

Rather than to feel jealous of these big brand, learn from these brand. Search different social media strategy that is implemented all over the world then use this strategy in your business as well.

  1. Purina Gets Personal

The big brand has big budgets and has big opinions.

Sometimes the big brand is the lack of reality and also they face problem to get special with the target market, and also face problem during the sales time.

Purina is a good example to understand, as everyone feels crazy about this brand and different people also believe in them. But the company face problem on its reliability. In this time a small business gets a competitive advantage which effects the Purina sales.

Purina feel its weakness work to enhance their social media marketing and increase sales? In this campaign, they built a trust and create a beloved connection with people and its beloved pet animals.

By doing this, it has a great impact on the company and its sales. Most people have personally attached with the Purina, which is helpful for social media as well. Now a company enjoys 6.5 million equity or we can say that the social media team has done their great job.

Get Personal for Your Small Business

Your small business can also get personal attach with your customers.

For that firstly you know exactly your brand voice does not change again and again.

Secondly, share your exposures in social media. Don’t be afraid to make fun of yourself. This will make you look much more honest.

When you complete these steps then choose a tool for listening to a people related to your brand.

  1. Southwest Airlines Tales Customer Care Social

Another example for social media strategy is a southwest airline, which is famous due to its fun flight but actually, it is also not safe from a problem that the airline faces. The problems are same as its competitors and with other airline services like flights are typically postponed, customers luggage missing and other related issues. All these problems are spread in the social media as fire.

Southwest airline has a customer care department which is called social listening canter. The customer is come here to ask any query, question and for complains. They are using a social media monitoring tool to listen to customers and keep them entertained with every new update.

Go Social with Your Customer Service

I know in small business do not have any team of customer service but it does not mean you cannot implement this strategy.

Involve your customers with social media listening with a tool Buzz logic. With the help of this, you can answer your customer question through social media. This will also help you to increase your customer satisfaction and prominent your brand service.

People and your customer happy when you communicate through social media and answer their question via social media channels. This will reduce your advertising cost and has a good effect on the company.

  1. Coca-Cola Uses Video to Make a Powerful Statement

The video is one of the most powerful tools on social media, and few utilize it better than Coca-Cola. The company took to its YouTube channel to fight back against prejudice – in this case, the prejudice was based on appearance. The brand invited people to Ramadan Iftar and the event was held in complete darkness, so people didn’t realize how physically different they all were.

Videos are more helpful to explain your message more appropriate than wordings. No one can use video strategy much better than Coca-Cola. In an event of Ramadan, they invite different people in Iftar in his video and the lighting was off, in that time they communicate with the other people and destroy the business of different cast, color, and physical appearance. The company tries to give a lesson through video.

All the people taking in the dark with each other and when the lights are on then they all see each other faces but in the dark, they all are enabled to see the faces of each other.

Coca-Cola ends his video by given a very simple message that is “labels are for cans not actually for people”

So this video becomes the success of Coca-Cola social media team. Now people will not forget this message and do not bias against other people.

Create Your Own Video Sensation

You do not need to become a popular company firstly in the world. No doubt you can use your own video in your business, make your company video add a title, your lesson through video and spread in the social media. After that just check the people behavior with your video.

  1. Starbucks Taps into Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the hottest trends right now – people are more likely to buy something if an influencer endorses the product. It serves as one of the best forms of social proof.

Marketing your brand with a famous hero or heroine, popular and favorite personality has become a fashion nowadays. It is because people are usually buying those products which his favorite personality advertise and suggest buying.

As Starbucks is a power to influence the people.

Finding Your Own Influencers

You may think that it is not possible to impress people because your brand is small but I must say it is much better than the famous brand.

Influencers are all around and you just need to reach out to some of them for your own campaigns.

For that first of all, you have to analysis the influencers of your market.

When you search your influencers, involve with them, communicate frequently with the content that they share and engage them.

  1. The New Yorker Scores with User-Generated Content

Sometimes people bore to write unique content every day, and it is also difficult to generate a new idea every day.

Now do not feel worried, New Yorker is the solution to your problems. New Yorker has 13 million users. The company is using a hashtag approach for that and increase the involvement of users, this will also break the content writers.

Get Your Own User-Generated Content

For that, you do not require a high amount of budget to start a user-generated content campaign. What you have to do is just involve user to leave a comment of that content, then use this comments as a content. Another chooses is that doing a contest.

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