Best Way To Eliminate Skin Tags

Being the biggest organ in the body, your skin deserves the best care and preservation. However, along with the development of the society, there are more and more risks to that treasured organ such as pollution, sunlight, dusty air, bacteria and so on. That is the reason why the rate of skin problems is raising quickly, including skin tags.

Widely known with other names as fibroma pendulum, skin tags or barnacles, skin tags are the small light brown tags (sometimes flesh colored) happening on your skin. Though any part of the body can catch skin tags, they often occur in the friction-prone areas such as under the breasts, neck, groin, armpits, upper chest or even eyelids. Some main causes responsible for skin tags are repeated friction and irritation, obesity, diabetes, the genetic condition, illegal steroids or a kind of human papillomavirus (HPV 6 and 11). Researchers concluded that skin tags are totally harmless and exactly non-cancerous so there is no need of worrying about your health.

However, because of this harmlessness, medical intervention seems to be harsh on the skin. That is why people get confused and don’t know what to do when the skin tags become bothersome by getting bigger or appearing on your face or sensitive area. Treating the skin tags is not a simple task and there is almost no prevention which is really effective. The good news is that there are still some routines which you can easily apply to your lifestyle to remove that annoying skin tags. The following article will provide you with 6 best ones which should be followed right today.

Apply diet for skin tags

Despite being harmless, the appearance of skin tags means that your body is in lack of care. As always, the best ways to improve the situation is improving and follow a good diet. And, I think it is easy to guess out which factors we would like to mention first: vegetables and fruits. One of the main causes of skin tags is diabetes, especially type II diabetes. That is why eating with a low sugar, low carbohydrate diet is the best way to avoid diabetes and also, remove blackheads and skin tags. That is not everything a good diet can do. By adding less sugar and carbohydrate, you get the lower rate to catch obesity, which is also another big cause of skin tags. This healthy eating routine also supplies your body with a lot of fiber and a low supply of fat protein that is really good for removing the skin tags.

Doing exercises regularly

Doing exercises sounds irrelevant with skin tags, but it is, in fact, one of the most important factors contributing to removing those annoying tags. As you know, skin tags are caused by the bad obesity and diabetes. Combining with a good diet, exercising daily, walking, jogging or other sports are the best cure to lose weight and lower the risk of diabetes. Thanks to that, the skin tags will have less chance to survive against a good immune system.

Apply herbal remedies

There are a lot of simple natural remedies which you can easily apply to treat the skin tags. Because of this natural feature, you can use it without any hesitation of harming the body. Two most famous and easiest methods are tea tree oil and castor oil. Containing high properties of antiseptic and anti-bacterial, applying the remedy of tea tree oil several times per week will soon remove the irritating skin tags. Castor oil can be mixed with baking soda to create a thick paste which will be applied to the affected skin area daily. There are many other well-known remedies to treat skin tags that are available and simple to find right in your kitchens such as garlic, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, oregano oil or peppermint oil.

Do not wear tight clothes

Letting your skin to breathe freely is also one of the best ways to prevent and treating skin problems, including skin tags as well. And wearing tight clothing is the big obstacle to that prevention/treatment. You should avoid wearing too tight clothes so that your skin does not need to rub on the fabric too much. This also makes you sweat less, which is helpful to reduce the skin tags. Plus, the situation is the same as jewelry. Similarly, you should not wear the jewelry too often because it can make the skin tags develop faster.

Applying powders

Similar to the routine of avoiding wearing tight clothing, the one of using powders for reducing the friction at the skin tags area also works effectively. As mentioned above, skin tags can grow fast at the sweated part on your body like breast, armpits, neck or leg. So, keeping those areas dry is important to treat the skin tags. Applying the suitable powders to do this job and the skin tags will have no chance to develop more. However, please notice to avoid scented powders because they can bring inversed results.

Tying the skin tags

Tying the skin tags off is also one of the effective medical treatments. However, it is quite frightening to some people. So, we only instruct here that you can use a dental floss, a small string or a fishing line to tie at the root of the skin tag. This will make the blood supply for the skin tags stuck, and the tag tissues will die in a short time. However, notice to avoid some sensitive areas like your face because you can get some small infections when applying that routine.

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