The Best Ice Fishing Gloves that you Should Look for

Every one of us has a leisure. It is very important in our life as it gives the relaxation that we need amidst this busy world. Some prefer to go mountain climbing, others are going into the forest for a night camping and several people prefers fishing. The activity of catching fish could be a form of a good bonding for a family. It does not just give a memorable experience, but it also provides the food that the whole family could eat. However, fish catching is not just a simple hobby, this is where the fisherman gets the money that they need in order to provide food on the table. A big thanks to their most eager effort as they enable us to eat our favorite tuna or salmon.

Anyway, do not forget that just like other hobby or job has its own hindrances that make it harder for people to easily do what they want. One of the problems that fisherman encounter is when they need to fish in an icy water, especially when it is winter season. The coldness of the water could cause different injury that would prevent them to continue fishing. Fortunately, there is a solution through the help fishing gloves that withstand the coldness of ice. But there are different gloves available in the market, they offer different features and qualities. You should really first do your research and determine your purpose in order to have the best ice fishing gloves in the market today. To help you with that, here we list down some of the trending products and a simple guideline that could give you tip in buying.

The best ice fishing gloves in the market today

Berkley fishing gloves – This might the best fishing glove that you could use in a winter season. This is very light as it only weighs 5.3 oz and the creator of this gloves, the Berkley Combo is a well-known manufacturer when it comes to fishing gloves. Through its structure, it could easily block the colds going into your hands whenever the gloves get wet. This has a little tackiness on the internal part of the palm side of these gloves. The purpose of that tackiness is to enable you to have a better grip and avoid slippery when you are raising the net or catching a fish. The inside of the gloves is rubber coated that enables to work in a lot of different things. Another of its good quality is that the price of this glove is very affordable.


  • Good in gripping
  • The internal body is rubber coated
  • Very durable and rugged


  • The hooks can catch in the crafting material in gloves

Glacier Glove Abaco Bay

It doesn’t matter for this glove if it is a rainy season, winter season, spring or fall. It is the glove for all season. If that is what you are looking for, you cannot have any better pair of the glove than this. What makes it unique is that this are fingerless, but still can shield your hands perfectly. Does the sun harms your skin because of the UV rays? The Glacier Glove Abaco Bay might the perfect protection for you. This item would protect you from detrimental sun rays with the exceptional sun protection of 50+. The saltwater fisherman might the main market of this product, because of the incomparable facts that make it different are quick dry fiber and 4-way stretch material.


  • Very ideal for boat fishing
  • Has UPF sun protection
  • Got 4 ways stretch material


  • Standard is made for men

Guides in buying an ice gloves for fishing

In order to have the best, you need to know that the qualities that you should look for in an item. Here are some of those.


What does the glove make of? Know the proper materials that made it durable. The proper materials must be suited to your needs, for instance, you will use a rubber to lessen the split.


This is a big factor that you should consider, you need to determine if the product is expensive or not. Ask from the experts that can guide you in the proper pricing of gloves.

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