Benefits of Kayaking | Which Activity Offers The Most Health Benefits

So, do you want to get the kayak exercise benefits? Don’t have a kayak? Then you should purchase the best budget fishing kayak as soon as possible to make fun in the water and catch fishes for enjoying. If you have no kayak, you won’t realize the kayaking benefits.

Some people are very much lazy and they don’t like exercise. As a result, they suffer from various kinds of diseases in his life. Kayak exercise can be the best option for those kinds of lazy and week people. Kayaking gives you pleasure and keeps your mind cool. Thus you will get the health benefits of kayaking gradually.

Kayaking Exercise Benefits

Kayaking for fitness: Canoeing and kayaking can improve your health and strength of muscle. Notice the health benefits of kayaking below:

* Kayaking improves your cardiovascular fitness.

* Good exercise for the muscle of back, chest, arms, and shoulders (By moving the paddle).

* Kayaking improves torso and leg strength while applying pressure with your legs.

* Kayaking reduces the risk of wear-and-tear on joints and tissues.


Suggestions for Health and safety for Kayaking and Canoeing

Read attentively the general suggestions for your safety:

* If you don’t know how to paddle, contact your local club or friend who knows to paddle.

* If you have no idea about first aid kit, you will have to take a short course for this.

* You have to increase your skills and make sure your preparation is adequate for the plan of paddling.

* Wear life jacket and helmet while paddling.

* Before going to paddle, you have to know about the hazards in the proposed waterway. And you have to know about air and water temperature, tides and waves action.

* If you don’t check the weather conditions before paddling, you may fall into a great danger.

* Alone paddling may not be safe for you. So, you can share your plan with your friends or someone.

* If you apply 30+ SPF sunscreen (or higher) to your exposed areas of skin, your skin will be protected from the ultraviolet rays.

* Keep enough pure water to drink to avoid dehydration.

* Keep repairing tools.

Calories Burned Kayaking

Many of us like running and biking to burn calories, but some of us don’t like these kinds of sports. So, you can try other outdoor sports, such as kayaking. Kayaking is a very good exercise to burn your calories.

Calories per Hour

A study of the American Council on Exercise: Various weight people burn their calories per hour of kayaking. In this regard, the statistics have been given below:

A 125-lb. man burns 283 calories per hour of kayaking

While a 150-lb. man burns 340 calories,

a 175-lb. man burns 397 calories,

a 200-lb. man burns 454 calories.

On account of per hour, Kayaking or canoeing burns more calories than cycling 5.5 mph (miles per hour) but less than running 5.5 mph (miles per hour) and the same as playing softball for 1 hour.



Is Kayaking Fun or, Annoying?

Most of you will agree with us that kayaking is really a great fun to all of us. When you will paddle in the water, your mind will be cool and get pleasure. Someone go to the calm water to mix with nature. But many of us go to the rapids water because they like challenges. I don’t know what kind of nature do you like? So, to make fun, you can go to the ponds, lakes, rivers, sea and rapids water.

Is Kayaking Good Exercise?

If you ask me about kayak exercise and kayak benefits, I must advise you to take exercise with kayaking. To burn calories kayaking is better than cycling. So, you have to know about the health benefits of kayaking. So, read attentively the points below:

* To make your arms and forearms strong, kayaking is an effective exercise.

* Kayaking helps to strengthen your grip. If you want to get the better grip, you must go for kayaking.

* Your shoulder is not broad, so you don’t look healthy. Don’t worry. Kayaking helps to broaden your shoulder. This exercise builds the muscle of shoulders, back, and chest.

* Swimming and Kayaking are the best exercises to keep your heart healthy.

* Your body will be powerless without a core. So, it is the most vital part of your body. Kayaking increases core strength.

* Is your muscle lean? Don’t worry! Kayaking builds your muscle perfectly and burns your excessive fat.

Things to Remember

Since you have come to understand that kayaking is a good exercise and it gives you pleasure, you can start kayaking as soon as possible.

If you have no kayak, you can buy the best budget kayak from a reliable online marketing company. Then join a local club to learn kayaking.

When your confidence in kayaking skills will be increased, you can make a plan for the paddling activity. Remember, don’t go alone. You must inform your friends or someone of your plan.

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